Thursday, November 15, 2012

Knit: Emisan's Beanie

This is a knitting pattern of a hat that I designed in the Fall of 2011. I completely forgot about Emisan's Beanie until I was updating my ravelry profile. I figured it would be nice to (finally!) upload it here. Also, it's a quick and simple knit, that you'll have an extra holiday gift to give! Add it to those Christmas Eve PJs...

Emisan's Beanie
♥ Materials:
130 yards worsted weight yarn
US size 7 (4.50mm) 16” circular needle and DPNs or size needed to obtain gauge
Stitch marker • Darning needle
• Gauge: 20 sts/4 inches
• Size: 24” head circumference; Adjustable with 4 stitch increments
K = knit • P = purl • sts = stitches • K2tog = knit two together • Rnd = round
Shown in beautiful Sunflower Yarns worsted weight:

♥ Pattern:
CO 84 sts, place marker, join in the round
Round 1: K2, P2 around, ending in P2
Rounds 2-9: repeat Rnd 1 for 1.5”
Rnd 10: P2, K2, ending in K2
Rounds 11-20: repeat Rnd 10 for 1.5”
Brim should measure approx. 3” from CO edge
Next round: K all sts (stockinette sts made)
Continue knitting in stockinette stitch for 4”
Rnd 1: *K12, K2tog; repeat from * around
Rnd 2: K around
Rnd3: *K11, K2tog; repeat from * around
Rnd 4: K around
Rnd 5: *K10, K2tog; repeat from * around
Rnd 6: K around
• Transfer sts onto DPNs at preferred round •
Rnds 7-12 : continue to follow decrease pattern, making sure to K all even Rnds
Rnds 13-14: K2tog around, ending with 6 sts 
Leaving a long tail, break yarn then weave through the 6 sts, securing with preferred method.
Weave in both tails. Woot! You’re all done!
© heartsy handmade ♥ 2011 pattern for personal use only please 

I've only knit this up once, writing the pattern as I went along. Originally, I had stitch count totals for each round, but according to some test knitters, they didn't add up correctly with their counts. So they are left out from the final pattern.

You're more than welcome to share this pattern, print it, store it, and of course knit it! I would please appreciate a link back to this post. Thank you!

Let me know if you have any questions. I can be reached here in the comment thread, or via ravelry on it's pattern page.



P.S. I'l be adding a PDF file soon!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: Soakboxes

With the changing colors of forested hillsides, apple spice aromas filling coffee shops, and pumpkin patches in every corner, the Autumn season is in definite swing around my part of this world. That being noted, it overjoys me to think about the upcoming holiday season that soon follows. Being the obsessive gift giver, I find myself planning early each year. So I thought I'd share something from my wishlist that can be given as a gift. Soakboxes from Soak!

From top left: Clark Cable, Cuff au Lait, Double Pointe Pink, Lace Kelly

Each box set includes one of the following:

Small bottle of Soak wash
Small bottle of their Handmaid luxury hand cream
Essie nail polish
Skein of sport weight, hand-dyed Lorna's Laces yarn
Fiona Ellis finger-less glove pattern

Of course, not only in matching colors, but the wash and hand cream are of the same scent.

I've yet to get my hands on one of these sets, but I am loving the various hues available. These would make great holiday gifts for knitters. Don't know of a knitter? Well you're reading this aren't you? joking! But seriously, I might pick one of these up for a friend who has wanted to try knitting. She's a polish addict, so I figured this would be a perfect intro toward becoming a yarn addict too.

What's on your holiday gift and wish lists?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: Crafty Tents

Welcome to Wishlist Wednesday! (say that three times fast!)

This year for the holidays, Mr. mobilewill and I have decided to buildup our camping gear supply. Each year we'll typically do the bulk of our Christmas gift shopping on Black Friday. This also includes treating ourselves to some of the deals. Most of the items we covet are tech-y gadget toys, or household items like new bed sheets, etc. But this year we've decided to concentrate on camping goods.

First on our list, a tent. I came across this neat tent making company, FieldCandy, based out of England. They have some of the coolest designs for tents! I've fallen in love with a couple of their designs, especially ones with a crafty flair.

Sheep! How sweet is this?! I could totally see myself bringing along some projects to knit in this beauty.

This realistic quilted looking tent has got me feeling snug as a bug already! I love the colors and vintage feel of the design yields.

I'm not sure if we'll go this route for camping, but I do think one of these would make a lovely addition to have for guests or for any quick camping trips. 

I hope you enjoyed this Wishlist Wednesday! Looking for something tech on your wishlist? Check out mobilewill's site - I'm the latest blogger, featuring Wishlists each Thursday from now until January.