Monday, August 22, 2011

Whirl Wind

It has been a whirl wind of a month in my life! I’ve kept busy each weekend with events, travelling, and I spent one weekend catching up on day-to-day tasks such as piles of laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I am glad that we’re finally settled into our usual routine.

The new schedule is keeping both DB and me productive. The only hiccup we’ve had is due to a doctor’s appointment I scheduled. I’ve not shared this with many, but for some reason I feel like opening up here. Over the last year, my back pain has become nearly unbearable. It started to take a turn for the worse a few months ago when I noticed the pain was a consistent bother to me every day. After several complaints (okay, maybe more like whines) to DB, he finally urged me to seek medical attention. I know this must have been difficult for him because I loathe any kind of medical attention so getting me to see a doctor was like asking me to give up crafting. I would just die! I’m not opposed to it; I’d rather just let illnesses/sickly things run their course or take over the counter meds (even those make me cringe). A friend recently told me she was a firm believer in modern medicines. I suppose I just have a hard time ingesting something I know nothing about.

But alas, the pain has caused me much strife, both psychically and emotionally. It has also taken a toll on my ability to function properly at work. I’m very fortunate, so I give thanks to the universe everyday that I am able to work and that I even have a job. This is ultimately why I’ve chosen to try medication. Yoga seems to help as well; I’ve just had too many excuses come up! Hopefully, after this monthly trial of anti-inflammatory meds, I’ll be able to partake in some yoga sessions again. For now, I’m trying to be patient and get the needed rest my body craves as it’s been so exhausted lately (med side effects). Thanks to DB and a dear friend, I’m trying to stay focused on reviving my health.

So with all of this happening, my blog has once again taken a back seat. Sleep has definitely won over most evenings this last week. I’m starting to feel better though so I’m hoping to get my journal notes in order and post about much needed crafty progress. I have a lot planned for my musings here!

Things to look forward to:

• Review my crafting goals for the remainder of this year

• Complete/start my Pay-It-Forward projects (I cannot wait to share these!)

• Begin Holiday crafting, or at least think about it

• Open a shared fiber-craft Etsy shop with my dear friend, Heather

• And as always, DREAM about decreasing both my stash & my piles of patterns!

How about you? What are some of your goals or Holiday ideas for this half of the year?

peace, love, unity, and respectfully yours,

♥ ♥ ♥