Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crafting Goals 2011

Over the past two or so months I have been contemplating my crafting goals for this New Year. In one of my previous blog posts, I mentioned wanting to actually follow through with my promises. I think in order to fulfill this, (and for peace of mind) I would first have to take into account my current fiber WIPs (work in progress projects), expose them, and figure out if I want to finish them or set them aside. I’ve decided to finish most of them.

List of WIPs obtained from my ravelry notebook:

Pattern: Mr. & Mrs. Robot by NeedleNoodles
showcased in Crochet Today’s Jan/Feb 2009 issue
85% complete

I plan to take some photos once they're complete & gift to my true love.


Pattern: La Push, Baby!
80% complete
Copy of a hat worn by the character Bella in the Twilight film.


Pattern: Waves of Ruffles Purse Pattern by Bella McBride
via a lovely swap pal from The Swap Stop group on
5% complete
'Pimp My Queue' swap package included pattern, yarn and button with other goodies


Pattern: Luna Lovegood Scarf by pinkleo
My intention was to wear this scarf to the HP7 premiere.


It may seem like a short list because I am constantly working on something – primarily easy projects like dishcloths for a swap group. Along with these WIPs, I have a few projects that are “hibernating”, essentially WIPs but placed on the snooze button. To me my list feels like a never ending story (love that movie!), especially because over the last year I have retained so many patterns and yarn but technically, have not started the projects.

If you’re into crafting, then you’ve most likely experienced some form of compulsive WIP status. This is exactly what has happened to me last year. As well with the above list, here is a list of some of those promised projects that I, well, promised to friends and family members.

Promised projects:

 Ring Toy for Baby Luke
Pattern: Similar to the classic Fischer Price Rock-a-Stack toy
Gifting to my friend Heather's baby boy. It will be of my own crocheted design.
Yarn: Lion Brand’s Cotton Ease

 Anniversary Scarf for MrMobileWill
Pattern: to be determined – I might want to try and knit one
I wrapped two skeins and gave them to him for our anniversary with a note reading “soon to be scarf.”
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in a gorgeous deep blue

 Big Baby Slippers/Socks for MrMobileWill
Pattern: to be determined, but was leaning towards these: Globe Trotter Socks from
This request was placed two winters ago! I love the fact that he brings it up ALL THE TIME. Seriously, it really keeps me motivated. As you can tell, ha!
Yarn: NHKM Sport Yarn (now Sunflower Yarns) in a really neat Graphite colorway, shades of grays, blacks and silver

 Crochet Seed Stitch Cowl requested by my Dad
Pattern: a variation of my own design which I’m hoping to write out
My Dad really liked my Biting Love Cowl so he requested that I make 2 more for the wives of his biker friends, plus one for my Mom.
Yarn: undetermined

 Sackboy for my friend Emiliano
Pattern: Little Big Planet Sackboy by Emjay Bailey
Emi saw a crocheted Sackboy tutorial posted over at and demanded I make him one. Yes, he really did demand it.
Yarn: I started it with Lion Brand’s Cotton Ease

Along with these lists, my other goals are to work with most of my stash and patterns before I purchase anymore of either. My plan is to 'bag and tag' yarn to patterns so that they become easily accessible. It's kind of like putting together kits. The only question is which bags to utilize, if I even use bags at all. This, I will have to ponder.

Currently, I've been busy clearing out a lot of my crafting supplies, reorganizing my new shelving units and snapping photos of my yarn stash. I'm planning to post some of these photos soon, along with my newest dyeing project. Hopefully, I can get back to my current WIPs and at least start on one of my promised projects.

 What are some of your goals for this year?

with peace, love, unity & respect,


  1. love that u made a wip ;) I totally need to do this! maybe then I can hold myself accountable for my unfinished business.

  2. I have a shawl to make for my best friend. It will be her graduation gift now that she's gonna be PhD in the spring! Said friend also wants matching Christmas jumpers with reindeer humping each other, for her and her boyfriend. :-)

    I've been brainstorming for your PIF knitted item and I have a couple good ideas. It's gonna be a while yet, but for now, I'm gathering the patterns.

  3. Yeah, I definitely have a "few" WIPs that I need to those are definitely on my list for this year. Most of them you know of since I started them in Monterey! But I definitely think making a list is a great idea and motivator! :) Great post

  4. @jenna: thanks! I think making lists/goals is a great way to work on unfinished sutff.

    @Amy: wow! those jumpers sound too funny, what an awesome request. I can't wait to see that shawl FO'd too.

    @Kristin: thanks hun! ♥ Yep, I do remember many of the WIPs you started here in Monterey - can't wait to see some of them complete. :)

  5. Love this entry! I am determined to stash down this year (--ahem-- again). This is my same goal from last year, but I didn't get anywhere near I wanted to be. Decreasing my stash by half would be ideal to me, but that would also mean using about ... um.... 23000 yards. So, we'll see how it goes. I track my yard usage on

    As far as WIPs, I have cleaned mine up from last year. I have one more, but it's just a sweater that needs to be seamed. When I'm done with my other New Year's resolution (lose weight!), I'll worry about seaming that sweater up... :)

    ~Rebecca (citizenhappy on Ravelry)


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