Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy St. Valentine's Day! 

Over the past week, I have been quite the busy bee. Between celebrating my birthday, making semi-hand made St. Valentine day cards + sending them out, preparing for some family members to arrive this weekend, sewing class, celebrating Valentine's Day early (mmm...Ambrosia Indian champagne brunch!) and holding two knitting meet-ups in one week, I have been completely booked. My week will continue to be a bit chaotic since I'll be trying to get everything else ready that I didn't get done before my Darling Boyfriend's family arrives, working late hours, and crafting up a storm. 

My current work-in-progress basket is overflowing with projects. I have a commissioned baby blanket to crochet, finish knitting next month's dishcloths for a swap, and crochet something for a swap package that needs to go out this week.  I'd also like to throw in a possible knitted cowl using some of my Sunshine Yarns stash so that I can wear it this Thursday to showcase it while I help work Dani's booth during Stitches West. Whew! This seems like a novel of a post already!

I'd also like to remind you of my First Giveaway which is still in progress as well. This is the last week to submit your comments and questionnaire to that post. A random winner will be selected February 20 - next week!! If you don't have others that you can recommend to my blog, not to worry. I will now happily accept questionnaires singularly.  Please contact me with any questions.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful St. Valentine's Day. One filled with love, happiness, and perhaps little indulgences like chocolate! (that's what I did!)

♥ ♥  with peace, love, unity, and respect ♥ ♥ 


  1. Have fun at Stitches! I'd love to attend one day, whether it be East or West!

    And happy belated birthday, to my fellow Aquarian!


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