Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Beat Goes On

Happy Wednesday!

This post is inspired by my friend Amy over at Mrs. Darsie's Menagerie. Part of her recent post was about listing mini goals each month via her blog. She was inspired by Lisa over at Ruby Corundum. Great idea, so I'm having a go at it too!

I was going to start listing goals next month, but with that in mind, I knew I wouldn't post until then. April is going to be quite the busy month for me. It doesn't seem like it is yet, but we're still in the first week.

My goals for this month:

Finish knitting an over-due baby blanket
This is quite the heavy task, considering it was never on my to-knit list. I was basically handed the yarn from someone with a thank you. And that's it. You can see why I'm so passionate about it. /sarcasm

Continue on DB's Anniversary Waffles scarf
I started the pattern with reading the repeat incorrectly. Realized about 6 inches into it. I've since taken it out and have started again. Good thing it gets chilly in the summertime here.

Magically finish 4 seed stitch crochet cowls
My Dad really loved the cowl I made for myself & said it would be perfect for the ladies in his motorbike club. I had him pick out some knitpicks cotton & so he chose 3 colors, plus one for himself. I've at least started one.

Afternoon Tins
Spend a crafty afternoon with my dear friend Heather. We're planning to decoupage some tins to house stitch markers. Our goal is to get them done before our local Shop Hop in May.

Blog more!
I really enjoyed blogging nearly daily last week so I'd like to continue to post regularly. My idea is to give myself topics that I can write about while also staying true to my blogs purpose (see banner). I've written some cosmetic ideas down as well, I just need to find the time to figure them out.

Wow, it seems like a short list and I'm sure there are a couple of things I'm leaving out. At least it's a start!

What kind of goals do you have this month? Also, I'd love to hear some ideas for my blog! Is there anything you'd like to see featured or posted? Let me know, thanks! :)

with peace, love, unity, and respect,
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Good luck with your goals. I swear , if we all keep inspiring each other, its gonna be a movement! LOL

  2. @Amy Darsie thanks. :)

    & so true! That would be awesome! ♥

  3. That's a full month! Have fun!

  4. Excellent! I hope that you find this as helpful as I have the last couple of months! I can't wait to see your progress report.... :)

  5. great list and i hope you complete ALL your goals :)

    even though the month is already over, my main goal is to find balance between life & work!


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