Friday, April 1, 2011

KCBWDAY5: Amigurumi Love

And now for something completely different - KCBWDAY5
This is an experimental blogging day to try and push your creativity in blogging to the same level that you perhaps push your creativity in the items you create.
There are no rules of a topic to blog about but this post should look at a different way to present content on your blog. Examples: wordless photographic post, video blog post, podcast, etc.

peace, love, unity and respect,
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  1. I need to learn to crochet, if only so I can make a Brain Slug!

  2. head hitting the table from the cute of this post!

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE :)

  4. Yay, I finally visited your blog! Nice site, really dig the backgrounds and your banner. Have not made mine yet and working on a package/letter for you.

    Eeeee! The little green monster, I just want to hug it and love it, and squeeze it forever.

  5. Cool entry on the free creative topic. :-)


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