Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Directions

Hello Blogosphere!

Okay, I'm not getting my Gleek on with the New Directions, rather I am looking for a new direction for my blog. This is actually the primary reason I stopped posting. My itentions were to spruce up the place a bit with custom logos, templates, extra pages, and other fun buttons.

I set my mind to do this and began searching for custom blog template tutorials. This led me to going back and attemping to re-learn HTML. That led me to memories of long ago (when I first learned some software language) and thus led me to going completely spacey!

Time has also been a factor. I've yet to use the schedule I created to help mobilewill and myself out. We've wanted to set aside time for our hobbies/passions without compromising spending time with one another. There were nights to which we were lucky to have a conversation over dinner. So instead I began to relax more and craft less. This pattern will hopefully change soon! Our plan is to start following the new schedule August first.

Where does this leave my blog in the meantime? I've decided to leave it idle until I have it tweaked to my liking.

So until then (hopefully August), I hope you are doing well!

I'd love to hear from you! What have you been up to lately?

with peace, love, unity, & respectfully yours,



  1. I wondered what happened to you! I haven't seen you on Ravelry as much lately either, so I'm glad to hear that things are okay. There is nothing wrong with unconnected from the interwebz.

    Hope to see you back in Blogland soon!


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