Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FO: Pay It Forward 2011

I've had quite the busy month and there doesn't seem to be any yield signs ahead. I love it though! Especially since I've finished two PayItFwd gifts, started on my holiday crafts and I'm nearly finished with my Christmas cards!

Today I'd like to share my first PayItFwd 2011 gift. It's for my dear friend and snail mail pen pal (say that 10x fas!t), Sara. When I asked Sara what she would like, she mentioned a small wallet. Since I know she does a lot of farmer's market shopping, I decided to find a small wallet pattern.

Most of the patterns I found where either too large, or required complex steps. I wanted to keep it simple. My addiction to YouTube lead me to find a few wallet tutorials. I combined a couple of them, tried them using scrap fabric, and came up with a wallet that is just what I was looking for!

It was my first attempt at sewing a wallet. I plan to make a couple of them for Christmas. Maybe I can try my hand at a tutorial and free pattern!

I can't wait to share my other PayItFwd gifts! I'm hoping to finish another this weekend.

Until next time, how are your holiday crafts coming along?

with peace, love, unity, and respect,

P.S. To learn about my PayItForward, view my earlier post, Pay It Forward: Handmade Edition 2011


  1. Hi Jenn! Could you elucidate a bit about the Pay It Forward gift project? It sounds neat; is it a knitting blog meme, or something on Ravelry, or did you just decide to apply the PayItFwd concept to crafting? Just curious. Thanks!

  2. @Angie It is the PayItFwd concept, except it is the "Handmade Edition." I do know it was going around Facebook and that someone decided to post it on thier blog.

    I've added a link for you to view my post from earlier this year regarding it. :)


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