Thursday, September 30, 2010

Patterns in Piles

Wow! Where did September vanish to? For me, it feels as if I woke up with dreams of summer months and then the next thing I'm doing is heading out to shop for autumn goods!

I think the main reason this month blinked by me is attributed to the fact that my DB (darling boyfriend) and I had the opportunity to switch apartment units. While it was a rushed decision and process, it has definitely been worth the scurry of moving. Our previous unit was upstairs, atop someone who would smoke at least once every hour. The smoke was seriously affecting my health and stenching our whole unit. We were happy that our manager was able to relocate us.

Our new place is the exact same layout, so unpacking has been quite easy. It has also been quite comical because we keep thinking we're still upstairs. We have a lot more unpacking to do and boxes to sort through but at least our day-to-day items are done.

The one room that is in dire need of reorganization is DB's office. Once many of those boxes are cleared, I'm hoping to attend to my crafty section of the dining room. I use some of the closet space in the office for craft storage and I cannot wait to get things squared away because my piles of patterns are just begging for me to get them out of boxes!

A photo of Mr. Brain Slug helping me unpack my piles of patterns:

Hopefully, we'll accomplish the rest of unpacking this weekend so that I can get back to why I started this blog.

with peace love unity and respect,



  1. Brainslug!!!

    Congrats on moving into a new place!

  2. Ha, the brain slug caught my eye, too.

    At least your patterns are in piles, in boxes. In that you are already ahead and I envy you. :)

    (aka Bridgeknit)


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