Monday, November 1, 2010

Nightmare on Storage Steet

In regards to my last post, unpacking has been placed on a back burner. I'm usually pretty good at packing and unpacking within a matter of days. I suppose a lot had to do with the fact that Will and I have had so many day to day things unpacked that everything else got placed on hold. Plus, we've been out nearly every weekend in October. Catching the flu also set me back quite a bit as it was over the one weekend I wanted to re-organize some of my yarn/fabric stash & craft supplies.

During the last week, I've slowly begun to make great progress. A couple of weeks ago, I sorted through all of my fabric, yarn, card-making supplies, craft tools, notions & such. I realized that most of my miscellaneous supplies were in need of a home (rather then the box they've been living in since September) so I set forth & purchased another 3 drawer plastic unit to house them. After returning home that evening, I decided to use one of the drawers for some additional yarn storage. Can you guess what happened after?


The whole unit is now housing those "additional" skeins! One drawer is holding all of my hand dyed lovelies, the second drawer is for my current WIPs and the last drawer is hugging my ever growing stash of Sunshine Yarns and my current obsession of NH Knitting Mama yarns.

I immediately called Will over and gave him a hug. I was at a lost of words & wanted some comfort. He looked at my new drawer setup and stated, "no yarn for you!" It was just the humor I needed to ignite my goal of de-stashing! To accomplish this, I've started to finish some long over due WIPs and update my progress listing on ravelry. My hopes are to complete those so that I can dive into my piles of patterns.

So this is pretty much all that has been happening during the past month of October. I've yet to figure out how to organize/what to do with my miscellaneous craft supplies but at least they are placed neatly aside for now. Any and all suggestions are totally welcomed & encouraged!

I'm looking forward to accomplishing much, much more this month!
with peace, love, unity and respect,


  1. Are you going to post your de-stash on Ravelry? I'd love to see what you have for sale!

  2. As soon as I complete a couple of projects and sort through all of my patterns, I'll then know what to use for each pattern/project. This will help me use up some of my stash. After that, I'll be snapping photos of my pretties & posting them to ravelry.


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