Monday, September 26, 2011

Giveaway Monday!

Firstly, I'd like to mention that it feels great to finally have a drive for my blog! I've decided that the best way for me to keep blogging actively is to do so with some weekly and monthly regular posts. So today I present onto you with Giveaway Mondays

When? What's it all about?

I'm hoping to promote a monthly giveaway here of random crafty, handmade, fun, inspirational goods for you! Anything from sewn totes or knitting/crochet bags, knitted or crochet items, stitch markers, crafting supplies, handmade card sets, yarn, and more! Eventually I would like to feature some of my favorite indie craftspeople as well.

Why? & Why on Mondays?

For those of you who know me well, you know that I just love, love, love to give! Whether it be to a charity, for random acts of kindness, or simply because it's my nature. Sorry for the cheese-ball; I can be sappy! 

Monday seems to be that day most people dread, so I figured it would be neat to have something to look forward to and something to start off the week! Plus, don't you just want to literally giveaway Monday sometimes?!

I know Mondays can also be busy, so I'll plan to extend giveaway entries until Wednesday evening. This will give me time to prep and you time to enter for a chance to win! 

Where and How do sign-ups work?

Depending on my schedule for the month, I will be posting Giveaway Mondays here, via my blog. Each giveaway will have a different sign-up/entry requirement but all of the entries will be done through the comment section of said giveaway post. 

Any extra info?

Examples of entry requirements include: sharing my blog with others, recommending other blogs, answering silly questions, etc. Entries will be closed Wednesday evenings, PST.

I will include a standard RNG, or random number generator, to help select winners on either that same giveaway week or the following Monday.

Okay, already! What's the first Giveaway Monday?!

Today's first giveaway will include... 

• One skein of gorgeous Springtree Road hand-dyed sock yarn in the color Perfect Poppy.
  • 460 yards/3.52 ounces of 75% super-wash merino, 25% nylon
  • 4-ply sock yarn
• One project bag out of moda fabrics 
  • 100% printed cotton; bliss by bonnie & camille
• One pattern of your choosing!

Take a look at the goods:

To enter, simply answer a few questions... 
What are some other daily/monthly postings would you like to see here? Would you be willing to guest blog? posting in the comment section of this Giveaway Monday post!

Wishing you all a fantastic new week! 

with peace, love, unity and respectfully yours,

Next this week: WIP (work-in-progress) Wednesday 


  1. I'm mostly just interested in reading your blog!

    Some ideas for postings are:

    WIPS-always fun!
    Ideas for charity projects
    Since it's fall, ideas for holiday crafting would be wonderful!

    I'd say yes to guest blogging, but wouldn't I have to have a blog, and I wouldn't know what to write about. Plus, I tend to have problems with continuity.

  2. awesome awesome giveaway! a couple of the blogs i read include music like music monday song sunday or what not..i like it alot! ditto on wips..i love seeing those too! thanks!

  3. Yay! Great idea.

    I'd like to see posts about what crafty things you're up to, maybe a tutorial on something that you've developed or worked the bugs out of!

    Aaaand, I'll guest or co-blog anytime if you will!

  4. I love WIPs and I think Angie's idea of a tutorial is awesome.

    Some of the blogs I read have special things on special days - like guess-what-this-picture-is-Thursday.


  5. I'm game for a good give-away! I think that this is a wonderful idea!

    First, I'd love to guest blog for you!

    Second, as for what I'd like to see. I'm with everyone else on the WIP posts. Also, maybe some photo posts of you, your life, and what you've been up to! I'm love keeping up with friends via their blogs.

  6. I think WIP's are always fun!! Oooh tutorials are always good and fall/winter crafts.

    Plus it is always fun to just read your blog!

  7. I would like to see gift ideas and holiday decorations.

    I'm just an advanced beginner knitter and crocheter so I don't know enough to be a guest.


  8. What a great idea!

    I would love to read anything you have to say about crafting, knitting or otherwise!

    citizenhappy @ gmail . com

  9. I just came across your blog today (Thanks for following me!) I love WIP wednesdays, and pictures of yummy yarn!

    I would love to try to guest post, though I would put a lot more pressure on myself to do one hell of a good post!


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