Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hello Work In Progress Wednesday! I promise to post you earlier next time!

At the moment (and usually all the time), I have many unfinished projects, ranging from Sackboy softies to my list of Pay-It-Forward crafts. They have been placed aside for now, so I would like to share three projects that I have on hand.

• Project: My First Shawl
• Yarn: Sunshine Yarns Super-wash Merino Sock
• Color: Edward's Volvo

I have oohed and awed over various knitted shawls but up until this year, I wasn't interested in making one. The reason may seem silly; I just thought those long and intricate shawls were more suitable for older people. Perhaps someone like my mother or my aunt. Also, I hadn't really searched for shawls either, I thought they required lace weight yarns, and I'm more of an instant crafter anyway. My friend pikkle wears them often and she wears them well too! She has inspired many of us in our weekly knitting group to try knitting one. So began the search which led me to the Simple Things shawlette. It's been a relatively easy knit for me and I've learned some new techniques. Like fixing yarn overs and dropped stitches. It's also nice to have something on the needles that'll be for me. Mine all mine! heehee

• Project: Grab Bag Blue
• Pattern: TBD/Unknown/My own knitted design
• Yarn: Sunflower Yarns Super-wash worsted
• Color: Grab Bag Blue

Amanda, the owner of Sunflower Yarns holds monthly KALs (knit-along) over in her ravelry group. This month's theme is all about bags. The requirements are to use some Sunflower Yarns and knit or crochet a purse, bag, or clutch. Once all project entries are accounted, a winner is chosen and that person receives a prize! It's also fun to just play along; her yarns are fabulous! I've yet to post much about my progress in her group, but I have started on a small knitted tote bag. I tried a cabled pattern, but I wasn't agreeing with the written instructions. Thankfully, Amanda has extended the entry date until the end of October. This weekend, I'm hoping to pick this project up again.

• Project: E Loves To Get Mail
• Pattern: Bunny Nuggets by Rebecca Danger
• Yarn: Unknown scrap

This little nugget is born out of joy for my friend's little girl, E. There was a mix-up in a swapping dishcloth group - the person accidentally sent my package to my friend's place. Luckily, we live in neighboring towns so I was able to obtain them easily. That is when I found out about how E thinks that all of the packages from the mailbox are meant for her (she opened my package). So I thought it would be cute to send E a packaged addressed to her! I'll be including this super simple to knit little bunny nugget in her favorite color pink, along with a few other pink goodies.

This is it for show and tell! I hope you will join me again next week.

What are you crafting on? Anything OTN (on the needles) or any new WIPs?

Happy Crafting!



  1. Awww, thanks for the mention. I am glad you are an active and valued member of the group. (And you're my awesome friend, too. Win all around!)

  2. @Amanda
    You're so welcome my friend! & Thank you too! ♥

  3. I'm with you on the shawls - a simple shawl in a heavier weight yarn is perfect for me - that, and I can't wrap my head around increasing in lace patterns (believe me, I've tried).
    I love the little bunny nugget! What a sweet little package for E - imagine her excitement when she realizes it really is for her!

  4. Wow! That yarn is BLUE! The shawl is super pretty too.

  5. That yarn at the top is a lovely shade of gray! I know that the shawl will be beautiful!

    I do love Amanda's yarns. I can't wait to see how the project turns out


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