Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Autumn 2012!

Piles of Patterns is back! It has certainly been quite some time since I've posted, so I'd like to update some happenings and thoughts about this & that.

My last post was showcasing a Pay-It-Forward item I had created for a friend. While I do enjoy the concept of Pay-It-Forward, I decided not to participate again this year. I have other plans in store!

Some PoP Goals

Get back to the nature of my blog by:
• Posting more of my latest craft projects
• Dissecting through craft patterns
• De-stashing and organizing my craft supplies

Work on creating educational bits:
• DIY craft posts
• How-to videos 
• Crafty tutorials

Add new features such as:
• Link parties with other bloggers & sites
• Swaps!
• Regular give-aways
• Guest Bloggers

At the moment, I am working on a DIY craft project and a bit on organizing my fabric stash.

Also, stay tuned for next week as I'll be featuring a regular update: Wishlist Wednesday!


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